Hamptons Quiet Shattered By Protest March Targeting Michael Bloomberg, Others


Wealthy celebrities in the Hamptons had a few unexpected visitors today, as protesters descended on the area to decry income inequality.

A group, some of them holding plastic pitchforks, was estimated at about 200 people, according to the New York Post.

Former presidential candidate and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a particular target. The billionaire had protestors outside his Southhampton mansion chanting, “Tax the rich, not the poor.”

The protest groups had disprarate demands, including raising taxes on billionaires, providing relief to taxi medallion owners, and recent proposed cuts to the New York state budget caused by a revenue shortfall tied to the pandemic.

“Enough is enough — it’s time for New York State to raise taxes on the rich instead of cutting services for working people,” said Alicé Nascimento, director of policy & research, New York Communities for Change, one of the organizers. Members of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance were part of the group protesting.

Also targeted by the protesteres were Blackstone CEO Steven Schwarzman, and real estate developer Stephen Ross.


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