SAG-AFTRA Foundation Releases “Better Days” Video

SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Two weeks ago, SAG-AFTRA Foundation president Courtney B. Vance issued a “Better Days” challenge to the performing community. Vance asked performers to tell him “something positive you’re striving for – looking forward to.” The video response, he said in his latest fireside chat, was “very, very motivating.” They speak of global change, blessings out of the chaos, the hope for justice, and transformative thoughts and actions.

See the “Better Days” video here:

Vance said that he hopes the three-minute video “inspires and encourages us all to strive for truth; act in solidarity and commit to real and lasting change. Only together can we move from this strange period into a new era of continued strength, optimal health, personal discovery, unlimited compassion and unified success.”

Vance said that his weekly fireside chats will now be bi-weekly in July, and that the Foundation has now distributed nearly $5.3 million in pandemic assistance to SAG-AFTRA members in financial need.

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