President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

President Donald Trump Shutterstock

The world is slowly getting back to normal – at least, in the places where “getting back to normal” isn’t being shut down for a second time because of a spike in coronavirus cases – and so it is that President Donald Trump is heading to the links at Trump National in Virginia for a brisk round of golf

Before heading out, the Commander-in-Tweet fired off a volley of tweets and supportive retweets. Targets included Obamacare, the vandalization of federal property and monuments, and a perennial favorite, the fake news media and its analysis of his television ratings.

The President touted his Tulsa, Oklahoma speech as having “the highest Saturday television ratings in @FoxNews history, and his town hall with @seanhannity “dominated T.V. with my interview on Thursday night.” Particularly gleeful was his note that those beat the hated CNN and MSNBC (which he called MSDNC) combined.

“These are the real polls, the Silent Majority, not FAKE POLLS!,” he concluded. 

Forbes reported that Fox News Channel drew a total audience of 7.661 million viewers between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET, ahead of CNN (2.2 million total viewers) and MSNBC (1.9 million viewers), both avoiding live coverage of the rally. The Los Angeles Times said weekend news programming accounted for three of last week’s four prime-time programs to average more than 6 million viewers, topped by Fox News Channel’s coverage of President Trump’s rally.

We’ll add more communications as they roll in. The tweetstorm so far:

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