‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Examines “A Deadly Strain Of Stupidity”

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Trevor Noah Comedy Central via Twitter

Joe Biden claimed today at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania that the coronavirus is responsible for 120 million deaths. And while he’s a tad off in his estimate – okay, more than a tad off – he joins the many people who are struggling to make sense of a disease that apparently has no quit in it.

Trevor Noah focused on the latest COVID-19 news in tonight’s monologue, noting that it’s “been to more parts of America than Guy Fieri.” Despite predictions that it would fade when the weather turned warm, it turns out corona might just be getting started, Noah said.

After flattening the curve enough that the world began opening up and returning businesses and activities, “It’s happening again,” Noah lamented. He pointed out a particular emergency situation in Houston, where they’re sending an overflow of patients, including adults, to a children’s hospital. “They should not be at a hospital where all the doctors are children!” Noah quipped.

He blamed the rise in stats for people “Treating corona like our bodies,” vowing to get in shape by summer, only to have the season arrive with little done. He noted that the original epicenter of the pandemic, in NY, NJ and Connecticut, is now requiring travelers to quarantine for two weeks. “That’s going to be impossible,” he said. “It takes two weeks to get from the Lincoln Tunnel into New York.”

In the end, one of the things driving the rise in new cases are the conspiracy theorists. “We’re dealing with a deadly strain of stupidity,” Noah said, claiming that those who oppose wearing masks because they could bring about other medical problems meant “there would be no doctors, no dentists, no hockey goalies.”

He concluded, “You can’t trust Facebook for medical advice,” noting, “It isn’t run by a human.”

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