COVID-19 Doc ‘Wuhan! Wuhan!’ In The Works From Oscar-Winning Producer Donna Gigliotti, Donnie Yen & Starlight Media

Starlight Media

A feature documentary is in the works, Wuhan! Wuhan!, which promises to offer a uniquely comprehensive insight into the Chinese city that was the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

Peter Luo, CEO of Starlight Media which has backed Crazy Rich Asians and Midway, is putting together the U.S.-China co-production with Oscar-winning producer Donna Gigliotti (Hidden Figures, Shakespeare in Love), superstar actor Donnie Yen, alongside Peter Luo and Huan Li (Road of Millennium Bodhi).

Chinese documentary directors Gong Cheng (A Bite Of China) and Yung Chang (Up The Yangtze) are helming the project, which will follow 36 hours in the lives of disparate characters living through the outbreak. The production say that a team of more than 30 people have been on the front line to film alongside volunteers, medical workers and patients. It promises to be a “cinema-verité examination of life inside Wuhan”.

Luo said, “The film will show how people fight, how they live and how they love when disaster strikes. We believe that every audience will witness the faith and hope throughout Wuhan! Wuhan!

The project is produced by UNI-FILM, SA Inc., Starlight Media Inc. and Changsheng Film and Television.

Wuhan, where the COVID-19 virus first emerged, is in the Hubei province of China. The region has seen 68,135 confirmed cases and 4,512 confirmed deaths to date.

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