NASCAR Drivers Rally Around Bubba Wallace In Show Of Support Following Noose Incident


Thirty-nine NASCAR drivers and their crews pushed Bubba Wallace’s car to the front of Talladega Superspeedway’s field before a race today in a show of support for the circuit’s only black driver one day after a noose was discovered hanging in his garage stall.

In a video posted on NASCAR’s YouTube page, a narrator calls racing “the great equalizer” and says, “No one is white, black, brown or yellow. They are all racers and they are all our heroes.”

According to ESPN, the show of solidarity just before a race came about after driver Jimmie Johnson said in an interview that he would stand with Wallace during the national anthem. Driver Kevin Harvick then suggested that the drivers should push Wallace’s car to the front of the field. ESPN reports that Wallace “climbed out of his car and wept.”

Also today, former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted his support for Wallace: “I don’t worry about our sport. I have confidence NASCAR’s leadership will find who did this and continue pushing us in the right direction. I do worry about Bubba. I hope Bubba is feeling loved and supported. Keep sending him that love and support. He needs it now more than ever.”

The noose incident came just days after NASCAR, at Wallace’s repeated insistence, banned the Confederate flag from its properties.

Watch the video above.

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