Trevor Noah Decries That Rayshard Brooks Was Killed Over “A Law Not Worth Dying For”

Trevor Noah on Rayshard Brooks
Comedy Central

An angry and exasperated Trevor Noah used his Daily Social Distancing Show monologue Monday to decry the killing of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police over the weekend.

“He’s broken some law — a law not worth dying for. I think we can all agree on that,” the Comedy Central host said. Then he got to his first point: “Why, why, why, why, why, why? Why are armed police the first people who have to go and respond to somebody who’s sleeping in their car who is drunk?”

A similar argument was raised by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden when he appeared on Noah’s program last week.

Noah then makes a second point about whether the officers could have taken Brooks home rather than trying to arrest him for DUI. “In that instance, you would hope a policeman would say, ‘Sir, you do not look fit to drive. You said your sister lives around the corner — we’ll take you home. … We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. The country’s burning down because of the way black people are dealt with by the police, so let us show you, just in a moment, that it doesn’t always have to end the way you think it has to end.'”

He added later: “As a policeman, if a drunk person does an illogical thing, I feel like you should acknowledge the fact that they’re drunk. It doesn’t mean they deserve to die. We know what drunk people do. I’ve been drunk, you’ve been drunk, everyone has been drunk — you don’t deserve to die for being drunk.”

Watch his monologue above.

Noah also spoke out about today’s Supreme Court decision that outlaws LGBTQ workplace discrimination. Watch that segment here:

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