Deon Taylor’s Be Woke.Vote Partners With Bron Studios & NBA Analyst Kenny Smith To Expand Voter Initiatives


EXCLUSIVE: Be Woke.Vote, co-founded by Director Deon Taylor and producer Roxanne Avent Taylor, is teaming with Bron Studios’ Aaron L. Gilbert and Brenda Gilbert and Emmy Award winning NBA Analyst Kenny Smith to continue their work to educate and help register young men and women to vote in underserved communities across the country.

“As African American business owners who grew up in disadvantaged inner cities, we understand there is a systemic issue around voting,” said Taylor and Avent Taylor. “It takes the work of many, and we are thrilled to partner with Aaron, Brenda, and Kenny to encourage young minorities across the country to understand the power of voting nationally and locally to change their environments. We are encouraging others to get involved with this powerful movement.”

Be Woke.Vote recently sponsored A Peaceful Protest for Our Rights in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, June 6 with partners the Sacramento Branch of the NAACP, Climb Organization and the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC) Sacramento to encourage voter registration and peace. The event drew more than 40K attendees, the largest gathering of its kind in Sacramento’s history.

During the 2018 midterms, Be Woke.Vote registered 27K new voters utilizing street teams, traditional national radio and online campaigns and an online presence to drive registrations. Additionally, the brand offered more than 100 buses and vans to bring people to polls nationwide.

“Change can only happen when all voices are heard and when voters can get to the polls in force. We are proud to join the incredible team behind Be Woke.Vote to do all we can to help support this critical initiative, said BRON founders Aaron L. Gilbert and Brenda Gilbert.

“I’m excited to be part of a direct call to action that allows all of our voices to be truly heard,” said Smith.

Be Woke. Vote proudly sponsors shows including The Messy Truth with Van Jones hosted by Van Jones, Roland Martin Unfiltered hosted by Roland Martin and the two-time Webby Award winning series Black History in Two Minutes hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.


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