Sony Spy Drama ‘Alex Rider’ Set To Be Renewed For Second Season

Alex Rider
Sony distributes Alex Rider. Sony

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Rider, Eleventh Hour Films’ TV adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling teen spy novels, looks set for a second season.

Deadline understands that Sony-backed Eleventh Hour is targeting a return to production later this year after the first season was picked up by Amazon in the UK, as well as a host of international broadcasters.

Alex Rider’s first season was fully financed by Sony Pictures Television’s International Production and Worldwide Distribution divisions without a network or streamer attached.

It is not clear if Sony will go it alone again on Season 2, or if it will work with a co-production partner. Amazon came on board in May and debuted the drama in the UK on June 4.

Sony has said that the show, which was penned by Guy Burt (Bletchley Circle), is close to finding a home in the U.S., Australia and China after the 12 books on which it is based sold more than 20M copies worldwide.

Otto Farrant stars as Alex Rider, a British teenager who has been trained as a spy since childhood. Stephen Dillane and Vicky McClure also feature in the series as members of The Department, an underworld offshoot of MI6.

Horowitz and Eleventh Hour CEO Jill Green are executive producers alongside Eve Gutierrez, Burt and Andreas Prochaska. Prochaska also co-directed the show with Christopher Smith.

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