Donald Trump, In Fox News Interview, Has Puzzling Exchange Over Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy: “He Did Good, Although It’s Always Questionable”

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner’s interview with President Donald Trump aired on Friday, and one of the more puzzling moments came when he talked about what he had done for Black communities.

During one point in the interview, Faulkner asked Trump about the revitalization of areas via opportunity zones.

She asked him, “How does all of that fit into talking with the protesters? And people right now wanting for the black community—and not just blacks, but communities of color, people who are disadvantaged in general, I mean, the economy is the great unifier, right?”

Trump responded, “I think I’ve done more for the black community than any other president. And let’s take a pass on Abraham Lincoln, because he did good, although it’s always questionable, you know, in other words, the end result.”

It was unclear what Trump was referring to when he meant “end result,” but Harris responded, “Well, we are free, Mr. President. He did pretty well.”

“We are free,” Trump answered. “Well, you understand what I mean? You know, I got to take a pass on a Honest Abe, as we call it.”

Then Faulkner replied, “But you say you say you’ve done more than anybody.”

Trump went on to talk about signing criminal justice reform legislation in late 2018.

“Criminal justice reform. Nobody else could. I’ve done it. I did it,” he said. “I didn’t get a lot of notoriety. And the fact the people I did it for then go on television and thank everybody but me and they needed me to get it done. And I got it done.”

That portion of the interview starts at the 13:40 mark in the clip below.

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