Keke Palmer Tells Jimmy Kimmel “We All Need To Come Together”; Talks Her Powerful Moment With The National Guard


Keke Palmer talked about the George Floyd protests and her powerful moment with the National Guard earlier this month on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday. A recent video of an emotional Palmer asking National Guardsmen to “walk beside us” went viral with 25 million views so far. The Guardsmen told Palmer they could not leave their assigned post, but did kneel in solidarity.

“I just felt like why can’t they be with us, marching with us,” Palmer told Kimmel.

“I feel like there’s such a division being created in society right now from every angle whether you’re in the military, whether you’re black, white whatever. I just felt like we all need to come together and I think I just was really overwhelmed. I didn’t know really what I was saying, I was just really speaking from my heart,” she continued.

Kimmel noted that Palmer had previously said that she didn’t feel it was enough for the Guardsmen to take a knee.

“We have the current administration making a point to make a statement about division. I felt like, let’s just come together, let’s be beyond that, let’s be beyond what’s happening… I understand he has a job to do, but what if your job is telling you something you don’t believe in.”

You can watch the entire interview above.

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