Stacey Abrams To Stephen Colbert On Georgia Primary Woes: “It Was An Unmitigated Disaster”

Stacey Abrams on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stacey Abrams didn’t pussyfoot around about the problems that plagued Georgia’s presidential primary this week. “It was an unmitigated disaster,” the state’s former gubernatorial candidate told Stephen Colbert on tonight’s homemade episode of CBS’ The Late Show.

Voters line up to cast their ballot in Georgia’s primary on Tuesday in Atlanta. MohammadJavad Jahangir/Shutterstock

“What was it?” he asked her. “Why was it such a clustermunch?” The Fair Fight founder expanded on her “disaster” declaration by addressing the cries of voter suppression from some in Georgia and elsewhere: “The secretary of state, who is in charge of elections, claims that he had no responsibility for the actual performance of elections. So instead, it depended on the county you lived in if you had access to democracy.”

Mic drop moment No. 1.

Abrams, a Democrat who is on record as saying she would welcome the chance to be Joe Biden’s running mate, went on to add: “In some of our most populous counties, including some Republican-led counties, people could not vote, they did not have access to machines, and this is all due to the fact that the secretary of state failed to train, failed to give good direction, failed to invest — but he found it possible to spend $400,000 to film a television commercial about himself purchasing new machines.”

The Georgia primary saw many voting machines not working, polling places opening late and people waiting in line as long as seven hours — some “until 12:36 a.m.,” as Abrams noted.

Watch a clip of her interview on the CBS late-night talker below:

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