DGA Health Plan Offers Second Round Of Premium-Free COBRA Benefits Amid Pandemic

Trustees of the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans have approved another three months of premium-free COBRA for participants whose earned active health coverage is set to end on September 30. The trustees said the move was made in recognition of “the continued shutdown of production since mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the impact this has on participants.”

The trustees approved a similar three months of premium-free COBRA coverage in April for those whose regular health coverage was set to expire on June 30. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows eligible employees who have lost their jobs to continue receiving health benefits.

Eligible participants automatically will receive the three months of premium-free COBRA coverage, continuing at the same level as their current Health Plan coverage, with no additional action required. Participants with other coverage as their primary plan, including Medicare, or who are eligible for retiree or carry-over coverage under the Health Plan, are not eligible, however.

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