Norman Lear & Rita Moreno On Making ‘One Day At A Time’ Modern – Contenders TV

One Day At A Time

Certified legend Norman Lear joined EGOT winner Rita Moreno and producer/showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett at Deadline’s Contenders Television virtual event for Pop TV’s One Day at a Time. The series got a new lease on life after Pop picked it up for a fourth season following Netflix’s cancellation of the series revival of Lear’s popular 1970s-era series about a divorcee single mom bringing up two daughters on her own.

But as Lear pointed out during the discussion, “We’re not doing it again. It’s an entirely different show …. There is a not a word from the original show. I love the other show and I’m not comparing them, but this is its own thing,” he said of the Hispanic reboot centered on a Cuban American family.

Moreno, whose live-wire of a grandmother did not have a counterpart in the ’70s show, said she never got to be funny in the movies, and this gives her an opportunity. Calderon Kellett called it a dream come true to work with Lear and Moreno. “Norman laid the recipe out. It’s new ingredients, but the framework he put into his show, we wouldn’t exist without it,” she said.

Moreno also points out it is important focusing on an immigrant family in this way during an election year where Latinos represent 20% of the country’s population but only 6% on TV. She also praises the title as even more meaningful now.

“How many times in the last two months have you heard that phrase ‘One day at a time?’ ” she said. “Every time I hear it, I think of this show and what it means.”

Check out the panel video above.

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