‘Friday Night Lights’: Adrianne Palicki, Taylor Kitsch, Derek Phillips & Stacey Oristano Envision Their Characters Today During ATX TV Festival Reunion

Friday Night Lights ATX Reunion
ATX TV Festival

Friday Night Lights cast members Adrianne Palicki (Tyra Collette), Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins), Derek Phillips (Billy Riggins) and Stacey Oristano (Mindy Collette/Mindy Riggins) reunited virtually Friday for an ATX Television Festival panel to kick off the event’s remote 2020 edition.

The four reminisced about some of their most memorable moments during the series. Palicki and Oristano noted one of their favorite places to shoot was the Collette house. “That’s the place where Derek ate crawfish and kissed me and I had an allergic reaction..- he got it all over his beard and then he kissed me and my face was like…” Oristano said.

They also imagined what their characters would have been doing during a COVID quarantine. “I think they would all be together,” said Kitsch. “We would murder each other!,” Oristano exclaimed.

“Obviously Tyra and Tim are married with five children, probably divorced like twice,” said Palicki. Kitsch predicted Tim “would be back with Tyra on the ranch, maybe give Billy the sh*tty guest house with no electric or AC, or bathroom,… a lot of pick up trucks out there.”

Speaking of Billy, “He’s probably still doing illegal stuff; I think Billy is still doing something illegal to keep the lights on,” Phillips said. “He’s probably running an underground poker game during COVID.”

They also shared their new quarantine hobbies. Palicki said she’s become a very good cook and started writing a new screenplay. Phillips said he’s has been working out and learning Spanish, Kitsch also has been working out and “writing here and there,” still playing guitar, a skill he picked up during his stint on Waco, along with “a lot of housework, a lot of painting, a lot of cleaning.”

Developed for television by Peter Berg, Friday Night Lights aired for five seasons from 2006-2011. The series, starring Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, won three Emmy awards over the course of its run, including outstanding writing for Jason Katims and lead actor for Chandler. Series also starred Aimee Teagarden, Brad LeLand, Jesse Plemons, Zach Gilford, Timothy F. Crowley, Minka Kelly, Michael B. Jordan and Jurnee Smollett among others.

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