TV Talk Podcast: How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Transforming Emmy And Oscar Campaigning

By Pete Hammond, Dominic Patten

TV Talk Podcast

On this week’s episode of Deadline’s TV Talk podcast, we discuss how the industry will transition to a “new normal” — not only during this Emmy campaign season now in full swing but also how the coronavirus pandemic could also drastically overhaul awards campaigning in general, and especially during the upcoming Oscar season.

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With virtual screenings (including Deadline’s own) in lieu of in-person gatherings all the rage, will that template be the same for theatrical motion pictures? Will virtual premieres and awards shows become part of this new normal, or will we go back to the way it was? Our conversation also speculates on how this new method of campaigning not only changes the landscape but also may stay in place since it appears more voter eyeballs are being reached at a fraction of the cost — and that includes food receptions, which could be a thing of the past. Stars may like the idea of doing everything from the comfort of their living rooms, but will voters tire of it and once again yearn for direct interaction with those contending for their votes?

That and more are just some of the issues we tackle today, plus you will hear portions of the Behind the Lens interview with the prolific Janet Mock, writer-director-producer on such high-profile shows as Pose, The Politician and the Netflix limited series¬†Hollywood.¬†She too represents a sea change in knocking down the old ways the industry used to operate, and she’s becoming a major new force in television.

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