CNN’s Don Lemon Takes Sour View Of Hollywood’s “Strangely Quiet” Stance On Protests

CNN Don Lemon
CNN's Don Lemon CNN/Twitter

CNN commentator Don Lemon was at it again on Saturday night, tweeting out a lament that “Hollywood” was not doing enough to support street protesters.

“What about Hollywood? Strangely quiet,” says @DonLemon. “Why aren’t they helping these young people? These young people are out there standing on a platform on the edge of an abyss by themselves.”

Lemon probably didn’t realize before he tweeted that many celebrities has already supplied monetary support for bail funds, or that “Insecure” actor Kendrick Sampson was among those hit by rubber bullets as he took part in Los Angeles street protests. He’s also missed the commentaries by many entertainment executives on the situation.

Lemon had said on Thursday during his broadcast time that no one wanted to hear from the White House or Attorney General on the protests.

“As long as we’re being honest,” Lemon began, “nobody wants to hear from the White House or the attorney general right now.”

Lemon then rolled through a laundry list of what he saw as President Trump’s race baiting.

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