Cinematographers Guild Leaders Say Work Progressing On Protocols For Safe Return To Production


Work by the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee on a White Paper for the safe return to work is progressing, and sources say it could be ready by next week.

“The good news is that when we have a finished draft, it will reflect the desire to get back to work that we share with the employers, and to get back to work safely,” said John Lindley, president of the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, in a message posted last night on the guild’s website.


“We continue to attend the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee meetings, whose goal is to create a document of safety protocols that will get us back to work safely,” he said. “Now, you may see a draft that’s been leaked that does not reflect the current work. And even though that draft has some elements that are good, it has some that we do not advocate for and that we will not sign on to. That document is a work in progress and it changes every time we meet and it gets better.”

Rebecca Rhine, the guild’s national executive director, told members that “the one thing we can assure you of is the minute we have new information about the White Paper … and about everybody getting back to work safely, we will give you that information.”

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The White Paper is intended for a high-level audience of governmental and public health officials, including the governors of California and New York, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which is considered one of the primary gate-keepers for greenlighting a return to work in L.A.

On Wednesday, the presidents of SAG-AFTRA, the DGA and IATSE issued a joint statement saying that “At this time, no final draft of the Industry Task Force White Paper exists, and it would be premature to agree to or comment on standards that have not even been finalized. As we create our back-to-work plans, the level of coordination between our unions has been unprecedented in frequency and productivity.”

The statement was signed by SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris, DGA president Thomas Schlamme and IATSE international president Matthew Loeb.

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