As Protests Rage In Multiple U.S. Cities, Don Lemon Goes After Trump: “Nobody Wants To Hear From The White House Right Now”

CNN Don Lemon
CNN's Don Lemon CNN/Twitter

Large-scale protests again broke out in Minneapolis and (newly) New York’s Union Square on Thursday in response to he death of George Floyd, a black man who was seen on video pinned at the neck by a white police officer screaming “I can’t breathe!” Floyd later died.

Local officials sought to calm the unrest at a press conference on Thursday. Attorney for state of Minnesota Erica MacDonald, said the U.S. Department of Justice has made the investigation into Floyd’s death a “top priority,” asked for patience with the process and said that President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr were ‘directly and actively” monitoring the case.

CNN’s Don Lemon was not having any of it. The host called out officials in Minneapolis and especially in DC in a scathing monologue on Thursday.

“As long as we’re being honest,” Lemon began, “nobody wants to hear from the White House or the attorney general right now.”

Lemon then rolled through a laundry list of what he saw as President Trump’s race baiting:

“No one wants to hear from the man who wanted the death penalty to come back for the [black and innocent] Central Park Five.”

“No one wants to hear from the man who claimed that the former president [Obama] wasn’t born in the United States.”

“Nobody wants to hear from the man who said there were very fine people on both sides [in Charlottesville].”

“No one wants to hear from the person that they perceive as contributing to situations like this in our society — not directly, but allowing people like that to think that they can get away from this.”

“No one wants to hear from the Birther-in-Chief and the ‘sons of bitches’-calling person.”

Watch his monologue below.

Lemon’s name was quickly a top trend on Twitter as both supporters and detractors shared the 49-second video.

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