India’s Producers Guild Outlines Safety Protocols For Filming Post-COVID


The Producers Guild of India has released a lengthy set of risk protection guidelines to be implemented when filming resumes in the market. Though an official production start date has yet to be fixed, the “Back To Action” report outlines safety measures for the world’s biggest maker of films whose audience leans heavily towards local fare. Among the protocols are regular hand-washing, the use of three-ply masks and social distancing as well as training and daily drills to ensure precautions “become a habit.” Color-coding for crew members and a suggestion that crew above 60 years of age be avoided are further mentioned.

Prime importance is placed on sanitization of studios, sets and offices with monthly swab tests to be implemented. One or two dedicated “Anti-COVID Boys” should be on set to ensure that all procedures are maintained, the report says. Temperature checks and informed consent forms to be signed by all talent and crew are also part of the guidelines. There must be a certified nurse on set for the initial 3 months after shooting starts again, and an ambulance on stand-by at all times.

Also for the first three months from the beginning of shooting, says the guild, crew above the age of 60 “should be avoided” and cast above the age of 60 “should be judicially used.”

Perhaps taking a page out of Balthasar Kormakur’s book, the Producers Guild says “all on set crew must wear colored bands which can help identify their roles.” Color-coding will also be used for the production of non-fiction TV series.

In the case of pre-production, the Producers Guild says auditions will be carried out online while costume fittings will be minimal and recommends having different make-up artists for actors and for extras. Whenever possible, talent will use “second skin overalls” to minimize contact with costumes.

There are further guidelines for art, sound, camera and grip departments as well as catering services with staff members “ideally advised to carry home-prepared food.” Check out the full report here.

The guild’s guidelines come a few days after India’s Multiplex Association and the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) revealed their own proposals for movie theater re-openings. The guidelines resemble practices in other markets such as social distancing, online booking and single-use disposable packaging for concessions. It has been estimated that India’s box office losses during the coronavirus crisis are at about $130M.

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