President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition


Film director Michael Moore correctly predicted the results of the 2016 presidential election, one of the few liberals who saw what was happening in the key battleground states.

Now, he’s again looking at the upcoming election, and doesn’t like what he sees (at least, so far). Speaking out in a Vanity Fair article, Moore cast doubt on whether Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential nominee, citing his lack of “Necessary Enthusiasm,” and questioned whether there will even be an election in November, given the state of things.

That was gleefully picked up by President Donald Trump in today’s tweetstorm. “Well, he was right in 2016, and we do have great enthusiasm,” the President tweeted.

The Commander-in-Tweet also focused on arch-enemy and MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, raising once again questions about a mysterious death in his congressional office.

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