SAG-AFTRA Urges Commercial Actors To Negotiate Added Pay If Asked To Perform Non-Acting Duties


With many TV commercials still being shot using actors working from home during the coronavirus shutdown, SAG-AFTRA is advising members and their agents to negotiate additional compensation if asked to perform non-acting duties such as self-filming, editing, directing and hair and makeup.

“During the COVID-19 global pandemic, many advertisers are still producing commercials,” the union said in a message to its members. “Instead of showing up to a set or location, performers are being asked to film themselves in their own homes.”


SAG-AFTRA’s commercials contract “only covers performances,” the union said. “Other production services, such as hair styling, makeup application, operating cameras, filming, directing and editing, falls under the jurisdiction of our sister unions,” such as the DGA, IATSE and the Cinematographers Guild.

SAG-AFTRA Staff Authorized Notice Telling Members Not To Accept Jobs Without Union’s Approval During Pandemic

SAG-AFTRA told its members that “If you are working in your own home and are being asked to provide additional services like those described above, you or your agent should negotiate additional compensation outside of the Commercials Contract to perform these additional duties.”

The union noted that it has also communicated this directive to agents, and to the Association of Talent Agents and the National Association of Talent Representatives.

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