Trevor Noah Unveils A Microsoft Product That May Justify Reopening Buffalo Wild Wings

Comedy Central
There’s two sure-fire ways to piss off Donald Trump, according to Daily Social Distancing Show host Trevor Noah: show him that shirtless photo of Obama, and give people access to mail-in votes.
Noah’s remark reflected President Trump’s tweet threat to withhold federal funding to Nevada and Michigan for taking preliminary steps to move toward mail-in ballots, a process some contend opens up avenues for voting fraud.

Noah contended that “clearly Trump is looking for an excuse” to harass Democratic governors, since some red states are also moving toward mail-in ballots.

Shifting gears, Noah noted that the big news today is that all 50 states are reopening in some fashion for business. Noah said it’s like dating – you start slowly, then go all the way.

But he also said that seven states are increasing in coronavirus cases, a condition that could be exacerbated by loose policing of social distancing and other health precautions.

“What is bad is that one state may have been fudging their numbers,” Noah said, pointing a finger at reports out of Georgia, one of the first states to unlock its businesses.

“Take it from me, Georgia. Cheating only hurts you in the long run.” Noah then related how he forged straight A’s on his biology report card. As a result, “I still don’t know where my labia is.”

Coming to the rescue of states that are having trouble reconciling their pandemic numbers is a new Microsoft product that governors can use to “justify your decision to reopen Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Watch the video for details.

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