Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Praises Barack Obama & Pokes Eric Trump

Comedy Central

As many Americans finally ventured outside like a cockroach emerging after nuclear war, The Daily Social Distancing Show looked at some of the weekend’s highlights and lowlights.

Among the former: President Barack Obama’s commencement address to homebound high school seniors. Representing the other side: Not President Eric Trump’s bold prediction that the novel coronavirus will “magically go away and disappear” after the election — because Democrats want it that way.

Such is the dichotomy of spring 2020.

Host Trevor Noah dives into both stories on tonight’s edition of the Comedy Central late-night staple.

On the Obama front, he talked up POTUS 44’s ability to “hide his insults — almost like he doesn’t want to get in trouble with Michelle for going low.” Commenting on Obama’s carefully unnamed diss recipient, Noah said: “That’s how you know when you’ve screwed up, when someone can just say, ‘People have no idea what they’re doing,’ and everyone was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s Trump.'”

Re the younger Trump — described by Noah as a “fetus in its hundredth trimester and Donald Trump’s fourth-favorite son” — he tells Jeanine Pirro on Fox News that this whole illness thing is a big sham designed to keep his dad from winning a second term.

Noah’s response? “If coronavirus is all a giant scam, then why is Eric Trump doing this interview from his house?” Watch here:

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