AMPTP Hopes To Reach “Fair And Reasonable” Deal With WGA As Contract Talks Begin Today

As the WGA and management’s Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers begin negotiations today for a new film and TV contract, the AMPTP said that its goal “is to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with writers that will provide much-needed stability as the industry recovers from the devastating impact of COVID-19. More importantly, we want to enable those who have suffered the most from the effects of the virus to return to work without the threat of further interruption to their livelihoods.”

The WGA’s current contract had been set to expire on May 1, but was extended until June 30 because of the industry’s coronavirus shutdown. The AMPTP also is in talks for a new contract with SAG-AFTRA, whose film and television contract also expires on June 30.

The AMPTP’s talks with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are being conducted concurrently, though separately, via teleconference.

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