Women In Animation & The Animation Guild Team To Support Working Moms On Mother’s Day


In celebration of Mother’s Day, Women in Animation and the Animation Guild have joined forces to encourage equality and flexibility in the workplace and to support the animation community “as it navigates the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” In a joint statement, they noted that “many animation workers are pulling double duty – balancing full-time work and caregiving without the usual support.”

On Thursday, the guild — IATSE Local 839 — reported that, “while most sectors of the entertainment industry are suffering significant job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of Animation Guild members’ work has not been impacted, and guild membership has increased since the last quarter.”

Their collaboration, they said, is designed “to raise awareness of the great need for caregiver support. This collaboration hopes to address how best to support caregivers as they re-enter the workplace, identify best practices and policies, and champion a cultural shift in the workplace to improve work/life balance.”

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“The combined membership of Women in Animation and The Animation Guild encompasses thousands of professionals across our industry,” said Kristin Donner, chair of the Animation Guild Family and Membership Committee. “When we speak in a unified voice in support of working caregivers, it makes an impact. As we celebrate our working moms this weekend, we recognize their many vital and creative roles, and we commit to supporting them during COVID and beyond,”

Beginning on Mother’s Day, a series of social media posts will cover topics that relate to issues facing working caregivers. We urge you to share an infographic titled “How to Support Working Mothers During COVID” that references helpful resources and creative tips.

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WIA and TAG said they believe their partnership “will give a unified voice to working caregivers and empower the animation community to build a better industry — one that is more inclusive and more resilient than ever before.”

Among their tips on supporting working mothers during COVID-19, they note that “working moms take on multiple roles every day, including that of teacher, professional, camp director, and human. It can feel overwhelming. But a little help can go a long way.”

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