CBS News To Air Special On Front-Line COVID-19 Medical Workers

CBS screen capture

CBS News will air a one-hour primetime special, Bravery and Hope: 7 Days on the Front Line, in which journalists embed with emergency physicians and other medical workers treating COVID-19 patients.

The special will air at 9 PM ET on May 15.

The project focuses on Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, which is the largest hospital in the hardest-hit borough of New York City.

The hospital had nearly 700 patients, 80% of them diagnosed with the coronavirus. The CBS News team spent seven days in the emergency department and intensive care units. Crews wore protective gear, while capturing medical staff who themselves feared getting sick. The hospital even converted an auditorium to treat the patients, and 70 of them died in the week that CBS News was there. The special also featured those who recover, as one nurse announces discharges with a “happy code” over the hospital’s overhead speaker.

It also captures the toll that the crisis has taken on the medical staff. One nurse says, “It’s necessary for us to acknowledge that some communities have been touched by COVID more than others. If we don’t acknowledge that we can’t fix the problem.”

The project also spotlights the impact on the neighborhood, as a parish priest goes through streets with a loudspeaker and blesses the sick and those locked down in their homes.

“Every second is critical in terms of saving a patient’s life. Every second counts,” says one hospital worker in the preview clip above.

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