Stephen Colbert And NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Discuss Surprising COVID Statistic On ‘A Late Show’

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Stephen Colbert and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on 'A Late Show' CBS

On Thursday’s A Late Show, Stephen Colbert dug deeper into a surprising stat from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily COVID briefing.

At his briefing earlier Thursday, Cuomo announced some “amazingly good news.”

The infection rate of health care workers, as revealed by the governor, is in some cases “about half of the rate of the general population.”


“They follow protocol,” said Cuomo.

Colbert followed up with another stat, asking how 66 percent of the new coronavirus patients in a recent survey were people who had been staying home.

Cuomo chalks it up to “pure personal behavior.”


The rest of Colbert’s interview with Governor Cuomo airs tonight on A Late Show at 11:35 PM ET/PT on CBS.

Here is the entirety of Cuomo’s press conference on Thursday:

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