Trevor Noah Marvels At Donald Trump’s Goalpost-Repositioning Skills

Comedy Central

There’s been hopeful news out of New York City and elsewhere regarding the coronavirus lately — a flattening curve, fewer deaths and new cases. But that’s not the case in many American states, where the pandemic appears not to have reached its peak. Trevor Noah has noticed this.

“It turns out coronavirus is a lot like a Broadway musical,” Noah says in his monologue for The Daily Social Distancing Show tonight. “It starts out big in New York, then a couple of months later, a much worse version pops up in Peoria.”

Comedy Central’s homebound host then turns the topic to — what else? — President Donald Trump. “This just goes to show that fighting coronavirus in America was not a unified approach,” he says, suggesting that “now’s maybe not the perfect time to open everything up.” He then cuts to a montage about businesses reopening around the country, followed by video of Friday’s anti-lockdown protests.

Which brings us to the POTUS portion of our show.

“Even as America’s coronavirus death toll has zoomed past Trump’s predictions of what the death toll would be, Trump hasn’t changed his mind. In fact, the only thing he’s done is move the goalposts.” Cue the president’s quote from his Fox News town hall from the feet of the Lincoln Memorial — in which he tells Bret Baier that the presidential death guess “is going up. I used to say 65,000, and now I’m saying 80 or 90 [thousand].”

That is what Noah refers to as “the art of the deal.” Watch the monologue below, followed by Trump being Trump in a clip from a recent White House press briefing:

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