‘Blue Bloods’ Adds Another Cop To The Dinner Table In Tonight’s Season Finale Of NYPD Family Drama


SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 finale “Family Secrets.”

Blue Bloods’ Reagan clan added a new seat at the dinner table tonight, at least for the time being.

And guess what – the newly discovered Joe Hill (Will Hochman) is a detective in the NYPD Firearms Investigation Unit. “A real-life guy, just walking around out there!” as grandson Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) exclaims to Tom Selleck’s Commissioner Frank Reagan when he unveils the results of a school-project DNA test in the emotionally powerful de facto Season 10 finale.

“What’s he like?’ thunders Selleck’s top-cop character to questions from his family after revealing to them that his deceased second-oldest son Joe “fathered a son he never knew about”

“I just met the guy, and he’s my grandson,” Selleck’s patriarch states of the twentysomething portrayed by the Critical Thinking alum and Broadway actor. “I will say this, he carries himself in a certain way. … Being a cop was like playing for the Bulls with Jordan or the drums with Springsteen, it was just familiar,” the clearly proud grandpa adds to a shocked Bridget Moynihan, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, Len Cariou and Terraciano,

Despite a threat from his worried mother (Bonne Sommerville) that Joe will have nothing to do with the Reagans, the closing minutes of the Siobhan Byrne O’Connor-penned “Family Secrets,” saw Det. Hill brought to dinner by his cousin.

“I got to ask, how did you get out of becoming a cop?” Hochman’s nervous character asks his newly discovered Aunt Erin (Moynihan). “Oh, I’m the smart one,” perfectly replies the NY County Assistant District Attorney as hug, greetings and a prayer followed with the new addition.

With multiple family-themed storylines overlapping, tonight’s episode certainly looks like it is setting up some big additions for the next season of the Keven Wade-EP’d Blue Bloods. Anticipated to have a not-insignificant role to play in what would have been the late-May real finale for this virus-stunted season, Hochman is expected to show up for a least some part of Season 11 of Blue Bloods, I hear.

True, the very, very well-watched Blue Bloods hasn’t been formally picked up for another season yet by CBS – but the suspense isn’t exactly killing anyone.

So close and yet so far in tonight’s show’s abandoned-and-then-almost-adopted-child plot, it is obvious too that a baby or at least a trying-to-have-a-baby arc also is in the cards for newly-ish married cop couple Jamie Reagan (Estes) and Eddie Janko-Reagan (Ray). After Eddie grew so attached to the newborn boy the duo discovered outside their precinct, Jamie told his beloved that he “knew of a way to get a baby that’s ours to keep.”

And there someone is either painting a room either pink or blue, if you know what I mean.

Like previous years, Season 10 of Blue Bloods was supposed to run to 22 episodes. However, like nearly every other series, the NYC-set show had production cut short by the coronavirus pandemic.

Tragically, COVID-19 cut close to home for the Kevin Wade-EP’d Blue Bloods with the terrible news of the toll that the virus has taken on recurring series actor Nick Cordero. Still in a coma in a L.A. hospital from coronavirus and having lost a leg, the Broadway star is now suffering from holes in his lungs, his wife Amanda Kloots let fans know online yesterday – Nick and his family are in our real-life prayers tonight.

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