Trevor Noah Says President Donald Trump Is Like Eminem In The Song ‘Stan’

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah doesn’t like much of what Donald Trump is doing to protect the country during the pandemic. His Daily Social Distancing Show makes that clear.

Tonight, he likened the President of the United States to the detached narrator dealing with a deranged fan in Eminem’s Stan, all because Trump said he disagreed with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to open up certain businesses in that state soon. “I respect him,” Trump said. “But I’d wait a little longer.”

Because Kemp is a Republican and supports Trump, Noah saw that as the ultimate betrayal, akin to telling Kemp to show up on a road at a certain time while Trump drove a bus over him.

“This is what you get,” said Noah. “These guys trying so hard to suck up to him, then Bam!”

Noah also took issue with Trump not knowing the name of a scientist dismissed from his job who was working on a coronavirus vaccine. He felt since Trump has time to watch television, including reruns of baseball games, that he should know the man.

“If you have time to watch reruns of baseball, you have time for anything,” Noah said, mentioning that baseball is boring even in real time. Reruns of it? “It’s like watching paint dry through a PowerPoint slide.”

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