Michael Cohen, President Trump’s Former Attorney, To Be Released From Prison Thanks To COVID-19

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, the former attorney for President Donald Trump who was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 for lying to Congress and violating US campaign finance laws, is being released soon.

Cohen recorded the President and once threatened to sing to the feds and reveal all sorts of inside information, but never came forward with anything substantial. Now, he’s singing a new tune, “I Shall Be Released.”

Cohen will be able to finish out his sentence in home confinement, according to reports. Concerns over non-violent inmate safety during the pandemic have led to releases of various incarcerated inmates over the last weeks. Cohen was in upstate New York at Otisville Federal prison.

Before being freed, Cohen will be faced with a 14-day quarantine period.

In March, Cohen’s lawyers sent a Manhattan federal judge a letter saying that Cohen’s jailers were “demonstrably incapable of safeguarding and treating B.O.P. inmates who are obliged to live in close quarters and are at an enhanced risk of catching the virus.”

The request was denied by Judge William Pauley. However, New York’s growing numbers affected by the pandemic have apparently loosened the objections against early release.

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