Chris Cuomo On Testing Positive For Coronavirus: “Let’s Use This Example Of Me Having It As Proof That You Can Get It Too”

Michael Zorn/Invision/AP

Chris Cuomo opened his CNN show Cuomo Prime Time by elaborating on his coronavirus diagnosis, telling viewers, “Let’s use this example of me having it as proof that you can get it too.”

From the basement of his home, where he is quarantined even from his wife and children, Cuomo said that “my concern is what I may have put on my family — just as you would — and that is hurting me way more than any virus can do.”

He said that he feels fine and able to do the show, but “you do not want this.”

Of his family, Cuomo said, “I still have to see if I got any of them sick and you can understand how sickening that is to me as a husband and a father.”

Later, Cuomo told CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta that he has “never had anything where you cannot control the suck” — referring to the lack of treatments available for the coronavirus.

“This is not where you want to be. Look, my basement is great. It is not going to be a hardship, but I can’t be with my kids,” Cuomo said. “I can’t be with my family. I can’t be with them. And I don’t know what is going to come next. I don’t know if the tightness is a function of the virus or if I am so pissed off with myself that I am not able to take care of what I want to take care of. And I want people to avoid that.”

Gupta, who told Cuomo that he did not “look so good,” said that he would call him later to ask him more about the tightness he is feeling in his chest. Gupta said that those with coronavirus should consult a physician if their symptoms get worse.

“I can’t tell you how helpful people have been. Even the ones who hate me are being so nice,” Cuomo said.

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