‘The Mandalorian’ Racked Up 33M Demand Expressions In Europe After Disney+ Launch, Says Parrot Analytics

'The Mandalorian'

EXCLUSIVE: There is little doubt that The Mandalorian was one of Disney+’s star attractions when it launched in Europe earlier this month, and now TV research company Parrot Analytics has provided some insight on its performance.

Parrot collects data from across social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging and research platforms to produce “demand expression” figures — putting a number on the total audience demand for a particular TV program.

The analytics company said there were 33M demand expressions for The Mandalorian on March 24, when Disney+ launched in seven countries across Europe loaded with the first two episodes of the Star Wars spin-off. This made it the most in-demand streaming original in each market.

Demand was highest in Germany, where there were more than 12M demand expressions. The UK was next in line with 7.9M expressions, followed by Italy (6.5M), Spain (5M), Switzerland (723,629), Austria (535,771) and Ireland (396,099).

Disney has not revealed how individual shows are performing on Disney+, but the streaming service has amassed 28.6M subscribers in the U.S. since its launch in November last year. Disney chairman Bob Iger said it had “exceeded even our greatest expectations.”

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