Homebound Stephen Colbert Takes On Donald Trump’s Hospital-Hoarding Claims In ‘Late Show’ Return

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returns to CBS’ late-night air tonight — from the comfort of the host’s “Ed Sullivan My Living Room.” But in a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” Colbert as usual is going after one President Donald Trump — this time over POTUS accusing hospitals of hoarding supplies in the time of coronavirus.

Watch a clip of an imagined Hoarders episode below, along with a look at the latest “quarantooning.”

“Even before their current ventilator obsession,” the voice-over begins, “hospitals have been accumulating enormous amounts of cotton balls, tongue depressors — even our urine!”

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Sunday’s Trump-dictated news cycle bled into Monday after the commander-in-chief used a portion of his daily briefing on COVID-19 to suggest that the media “look into” his theory that “something is going on.” Wondering aloud how “10 or 20 [thousand masks needed every week]” turned into “300,000.”

Maybe it’s all a scam, the president inferred. “Are they going out the back door?”

Colbert’s program was the first late-night show to start daily online videos following the industry-wide production shutdown, and he is back to the airwaves at 11:35 p.m. tonight. The network has yet to post his monologue, as normally is the case by this time of night. But of course, these are not normal times.


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