‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Member From First Episode Passes, Mourned In Online Tributes

A character seen in the first Game of Thrones episode has died after being diagnosed with mouth cancer in November. 
TMZ reports that Odin, an Inuit dog who played Summer the direwolf in the original Winter Is Coming episode in 2011, has passed. The dog played Bran’s direwolf in the episode. 
Although most of the dire wolves on Game Of Thrones were CGI creations, the early episodes used some live dogs. Dire wolves actually existed, but went extinct centuries ago. They lived in the Americas during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene epochs. The Oregon breeder who owned Odin is trying to restore them to glory as domesticated animals that resemble their prehistoric cousins.  
“We can all take great comfort in knowing that he is forever immortalized in the great TV Show Game of Thrones as Summer Bran Starks’ Direwolf Pup in Season 1 episode 1.”

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