Joe Biden Kicks Off Media Blitz In New Reality Of Coronavirus Campaigning; Praises “Ordinary People”

Joe Biden

“I’ve never been more proud to be an American, I mean that sincerely,” Joe Biden told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace today of the coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation and the world.

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their community, for their neighbors, for people down the street, for everyone out there,” the man almost certain to take on Donald Trump in this year’s Presidential election added to the cable news host. “They’re scared, yet they are united.”

“God they are incredible, God, they are incredible” the always empathic former Vice-President noted with sorrow in his voice of those who are suffering from COVID-19 and those who have already lost loved ones as the death toll in America today reached nearly 700 lives lost

Called “Joe Biden, just a guy in his basement talking to a gal in her’s,” by former George W. Bush aide and The View co-host Wallace, the ex-VP was all over the dial on Tuesday. Today’s Dateline White House appearance was preceded by stints on The View itself and, with as reprimanded cough into his hand, Jake Tapper’s CNN show:

This first day of many expected media hits comes for Biden after several dark days following his sweep of the Florida, Illinois and Arizona primaries on March 17. In the past couple of days, the home isolating Biden has started making frequent speeches online and participating in ramped up virtual fundraisers. One often mentioned piece of advice that Barack Obama’s top sideman has been getting from his donors is to start counter-programming to the sprawling and news cycle dominating press conferences by the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

It was a spotlight grabbing message that Biden made clear today he had heard.

Noting that his highly social distanced speech on COVID-19 earlier this week “didn’t get much coverage on national television,” Bien stated that his remarks were watched “by millions online. Still, as Empire State Gov. Andrew Cuomo has seemed to be picking up the POTUS standard so repeatedly dropped by an ill-informed and disinformation spreading Trump, Biden acknowledged that this campaign is unlike any he has ever participated in before in these unprecedented times.

In his own coronavirus campaign actions, Trump told a virtual Fox News Channel town hall that he “would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter.”

Openly ignoring the advice of much of his own coronavirus task force, some of whom were on the cabler newser gathering with Trump, and his own statements about a long shutdown, with that now set April 12 date, the current POTUS has been accused of putting money before lives – pretty damning terms in the middle of an election amidst a series of shortcomings on the part of the administration so far

“Why doesn’t he just act like a President?” Biden told Nicolle Wallace today of Trump’s careening and widely criticized performance handling the coronavirus situation so far.

Or as Biden’s old cabinet colleague Hillary Clinton said:

As Congress appears to be easing towards finalizing a stimulus package tonight and medical professionals warn that hospitals will soon be overwhelmed, the confirmed cases of coronavirus rose to nearly 52,000 in the USA – with the worse yet to come.

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