Stephen King Helpfully Posts ‘The Stand’ Chapter That Explains Pandemic Spread

Stephen King
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

While President Donald Trump has said that he only wants to give this COVID-19 a couple weeks before the U.S. reopens, here is a worthwhile tweet furnished by author Stephen King. Even though his monumental pandemic novel The Stand was first published over 40 years ago in 1978, the horror maestro has offered up an audio book rendering  of the chapter where he explains in his folksy fictional fashion how a dangerous virus spreads. It is a chilling listen, the simplicity of how a global pandemic spreads like this one has.

I can recall first reading that book while I was under the weather, staying home from high school for a few days with the flu or something, and the imagery was so vivid I was sure I was a goner. I recall hoping that I would be able to hang on long enough to finish it. Wonder how it would be to re-read the whole thing right now?

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