Teamsters Local 399 Finding Jobs Outside Hollywood For Members Left Suddenly Unemployed By Coronavirus Shutdown

Teamsters Local 399
Teamsters Local 399

In another sign of the times, Hollywood’s Teamsters Local 399 is working hard to find jobs outside the entertainment industry for its suddenly unemployed members, and local grocery chains are hiring. Companies looking to hire immediately, the local said, include Ralphs, Stater Bros. and Albertsons/Vons. The pay – around $30 an hour – might not be what studio drivers are accustomed to, but it beats state unemployment benefits.

“We have been working closely with many Locals within Joint Council 42 over the past several days to identify job opportunities that we can direct our skilled and qualified drivers to,” the local told its members today. “As you have seen, the demand for food, goods and supplies is overwhelming at this time. These Teamster jobs are considered to be part of the current essential workforce, and we encourage our members to take this opportunity if you are in need of immediate employment.

“We have been in touch with our Sister Locals to determine where the most needs are for qualified Drivers. At this time we are being told that there is a shortage of qualified (Class A) drivers. Due to the high demand and the support from our Teamster Family, we are able to secure PREFERENTIAL employment for any qualified Local 399 driver at this time” for the grocery chains. “We are looking to continually expand this list over the course of the next week as we are able to make connections with more Local Unions.”

Those interested can apply here.

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