Bernie Sanders To “Assess The Path Forward” For Presidential Campaign After Tuesday Losses

Bernie Sanders Larry W. Smith/Shutterstock

Bernie Sanders will “assess the path forward” for his presidential campaign after he was soundly defeated in three presidential primaries on Tuesday, with Joe Biden opening up a larger delegate lead.

Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, wrote in a note to supporters that Sanders “will likely have a vote on the coronavirus in the Senate today. He’ll take that vote, and you can expect him to continue his fight to ensure we are protecting working people, low-income people, and the most vulnerable communities, not just giant corporations and Wall Street in response to the virus.”

Shakir said that Sanders and his wife Jane will then go back to Vermont, where they will hold conversations with supporters “and assess the path forward for our campaign.”

Biden defeated Sanders last night in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, and widened his lead to about 300 pledged delegates, according to network projections. Sanders’ hopes of overtaking Biden are now viewed as a long shot, and some pundits began declaring Biden that presumptive nominee.

“No sugarcoating it, last night did not go the way we wanted,” Shakir wrote.

The Senate on Wednesday is expected to take up a House coronavirus relief bill, while also crafting a major stimulus package that is expected to surpass $1 trillion. Sanders has called for a series of actions, including sending $2,000 checks to Americans during each month of the crisis.

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