Musicians Local 47 Offers Emergency Aid To Members Who Lost Gigs To Coronavirus Shutdown

AFM Local 47

With gigs canceled all across the city, Los Angeles’ musician’s union, AFM Local 47, has established an Emergency Relief Fund for members who have lost jobs due to work stoppages resulting from the coronavirus emergency.

The fund will extend a limited number of grants to members who work under the union’s contracts. Members in need can submit an application for up to two service sets lost, in the amount of $75 per service set, for a maximum total of $150. The two service sets can be from the same employer or different ones.

Members can apply for the grants here.

“While it is the Local’s wish to help all of our members who are in immediate need as a result of job cancellations from signatory employers, we must emphasize that the funds set aside for this purpose are limited,” the union said. “We therefore urge only musicians who are suffering hardship at this time to apply. If a grant will help you, please contact us.”

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