CBS News Correspondent Seth Doane Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Reports On His Experience In Quarantine In Rome

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CBS News foreign correspondent Seth Doane tested positive for the coronavirus, and on Monday reported from his home in Rome where he is in quarantine.

“I started to have a little bit of a cough that worried me,” Doane explained on CBS This Morning. “For the most part I feel OK. As we know this is a deadly virus.”

He further explained the symptoms — chest pressure “as if you have done a chest workout,” a little bit of a cough, relatively mild fever and some “weird aches and pains in places I am not used to.”

“Honestly I feel like I have had colds and flus worse than this,” he said.

He said that “as soon as I had learned I had been exposed to people who tested positive,” he has been in lockdown in his home. He said that he hasn’t even left to take out the trash.

The show broadcast video of Doane having a test, as he described the procedures mandated by the company’s lockdown.

He said that “this is not what I want to be discussing on TV. This is not what I want to be known for. I am trying to be open public and open because I think it is vital that we stop the spread of this thing.” He said that he has called everyone he has been in contact with to urge them to take it seriously and go into quarantine. “I took it very personally. The psychological part for me has been worst that the physical part,” he said.

Doane said that his husband has tested negative and “we are trying to keep a distance.”

CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King said that six CBS News employees have been diagnosed with the virus, including Doane. The network closed its CBS Broadcast Center facilities last week for a deep cleaning process, forcing production to move to other locations, including the weekend newscast which originated out of Los Angeles. Employees are being allowed to return to the facility, but with restrictions and screening.

“For all employees, it is imperative that your duration in the building be as short as possible, and that you prioritize social distancing,” CBS News president Susan Zirinsky wrote in a memo on Sunday night. She said that this week, the broadcasts will be produced with only minimal staff.

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