Fox Business Puts ‘Trish Regan Primetime,’ ‘Kennedy’ On Hiatus; Regan Made Controversial Coronavirus Comments

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Fox Business Network has put Trish Regan Primetime and Kennedy on hiatus until further notice, citing the coverage demands of the coronavirus coverage.

Regan’s hiatus also comes after she made controversial comments earlier this week, in which she accused Democrats and the “liberal media” of targeting President Donald Trump and overhyping the pandemic compared with previous outbreaks. The segment, titled “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam,” triggered a pushback on Twitter.

“Fox Business’ primetime programs Trish Regan Primetime and Kennedy will both be on hiatus until further notice,” a spokesperson said. “Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours. Fox Business will run long form programming in primetime for the foreseeable future.”

On Thursday, Fox News announced a series of steps to limit the number of employees who work in-office during the coronavirus, as well as to reduce the number of in-studio guests. CEO Suzanne Scott and President and Executive Editor Jay Wallace also indicted that the restrictions would mean programming changes.

On her show Monday, Regan blasted the media’s coronavirus coverage. She said: “The media’s reaction, with the global town halls, and the media treating this like it is some kind of missing-plane story, what is that? Did they do this during ebola? No. We didn’t see this kind of insanity during SARS. And SARS and Ebola, those viruses were far more deadly. So why the melodrama on such an agitated scale. Why are the markets reacting? I’ll give you two words: Donald Trump.”

During the same hour, Tucker Carlson, on his Fox News Channel show, was warning that the threat of the virus was “real” and said, “People you trust, people you probably voted for, have spent weeks minimizing what is clearly a very serious problem.”

In their memo to employees on Thursday, outlining the new in-office restrictions, Wallace and Scott wrote, “Please keep in mind that viewers rely on us to stay informed during a crisis of this magnitude and we are providing an important public service to our audience by functioning as a resource for all Americans.”

On her show on Friday, after Trump’s press conference in which he declared a national emergency, Regan talked of the left and the right coming together.


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