MPTF Stands Ready To Help Industry Workers Displaced By Coronavirus Shutdown


As the entertainment industry continues to batten down the hatches to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with productions grinding to a halt all across the country and throwing thousands out of work, the Motion Picture & Television Fund stands ready to help those in the industry in need of medical, financial and emotional assistance.

“Nearly 100 years ago, one of our founders, Mary Pickford, said about MPTF, ‘We see a need and we fill it,’” MPTF president and CEO Bob Beitcher said today in a message to the industry. “The same is true today. MPTF remains fully committed to its mission of helping our entertainment community in their time of need.

“The need we see today,” he added, “is supporting those members of our industry workforce who are undergoing hardship due to COVID-19 related issues – productions getting shut down or pushed back, staffs being trimmed as companies anticipate financial downturns from our ‘new abnormal.’ We have been at this place before during the 2007-2008 work stoppage and supported 630 industry members with financial assistance and case management in a challenging time. Thanks to the generosity of our community, MPTF is still here for you today.

“This is our intake line: (323) 634-3888. If you or an industry friend need our help, please give us a chance to listen to your story and determine how and where we can make life better for you. As we also say about MPTF, we take care of our own.”

Founded in 1921 – and celebrating its 100th birthday next year – MPTF serves more than 150,000 entertainment industry professionals and retirees each year with healthcare, services, and retirement living. It also operates the Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills, home to more than 250 industry retirees.

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