Coronavirus: eOne & STX Implement Work From Home Protocols

Entertainment One
Entertainment One

EXCLUSIVE: Hasbro-owned eOne and U.S. distributor STX are implementing work from home protocols in response to the spread of the coronavirus.

eOne told its more than 1,100 employees today: “eOners globally should plan to work from home beginning Monday in our effort to promote social distancing. Our move to encourage WFH is part of our global effort to ensure continued health and well-being of our teams. We’ll communicate additional information about local practices and policies as applicable. Access to working from the offices will be monitored and updated based on local guidance.”

STX’s approximately 160 staff in the U.S. and UK will also work from home from next week. The company sent the following email to staff today:

“As concern over the coronavirus continues to grow, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of all employees. We are working with department heads to implement a work from home policy for next week. We expect to continue to monitor the situation and will re-evaluate the work from home policy following the first week….”

We understand more indie majors are lining up work from home protocols.

STX’s Dave Bautista family film My Spy is rolling out globally this month. Domestic release was last week shifted one month to April 17.

U.S. talent agencies CAA, UTA and Paradigm have all mandated staff to work from home due to the coronavirus. Universal and Amazon have also advised staff to work from home. The LA-based staff of major studios Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Paramount and Netflix are understood to be continuing to work in office for now but it’s surely only a matter of time before they too follow suit.

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