Irate Harvey Weinstein Attorney Still Says Evidence Presented Irreconcilable With ‘Normal, Regular Rape Victims’

harvey weinstein attorney donna rotunno
Weinstein defense attorney Donna Rotunno slams steep sentence. Mark Lennihan/AP/Shutterstock

Convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein’s irate lawyers said the former mogul was “confused” and that the the judge and jury in his trial had discarded “90%” of the evidence in the case – evidence of ongoing relationships with his accusers.

“I think he sits there very confused,” said Donna Rotunno speaking outside the courthouse after Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years on two criminal counts. “We don’t know what happened in those rooms. What we do know is all of the circumstances that surrounded it and I will never be able to reconcile those circumstances with … normal, regular rape victims.”

The jury and judge did not agree.

“This is a new day for women,” said victim’s advocate Gloria Allred speaking after Rotunno. “I’m very emotional. I know what they’ve been through,”she said, referring to Weinstein accusers Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann.

Asked about Weinstein’s state of mind, Rotunno said, “Harvey feels terrible, of course he does. This is not an easy day.” But, she added, “We hope the sentence will speak to an appellate court in a way that will show that this has been unfair from the very beginning and this is just one more thing that we can add to the list of things … that did not show a fair, just and impartial trial”

Asked why Weinstein didn’t apologize to the victims, she indicated that wouldn’t make much sense with an appeal pending. “He has asserted his innocence and while the appeal is going on that is not going to change.”

Asked what this says to her about the Me Too movement, Rotunno said: “It says nothing to me about the Me Too movement – except the judge felt some pressure.”

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