Discovery’s Science Channel Teams With France 5 & Pernel Media On Attila The Hun Doc


Attila the Hun is coming to the Science Channel after the Discovery-owned cable network ordered a two-part special from French producer Pernel Media.

The broadcaster has commissioned Attila’s Forbidden Tomb, a two-hour special, which is co-produced with French public broadcaster France 5.

The doc two-parter will tell the story of the brutal warrior king Attila, who in the late 5th Century, faced off against the Roman Empire, then considered one of the world’s mightiest forces, with his violent tribe of nomad warriors known as The Huns. The doc will ask who were the Huns and how did they come to take on the most powerful empire in history?

Attila’s Forbidden Tomb will feature scientists searching for clues to discover where they came from and how they rose to power and with new archaeological evidence uncovered for the first time, scientists have unearthed Attila’s lost tomb.

It is produced by producer Pernel Media, which has offices in Paris and London and is run by Samuel Kissous. The company produces docs including The Real War of Thrones: Hundred Years War, the story of the rival dynasties that forged the history of medieval and early modern Europe, for France 5 and History, as well as true-crime doc 20 Years On Death Row for UKTV.

Attila’s Forbidden Tomb will air on the network on March 22.

The series comes as Science Channel recently restructured its leadership team. Marc Etkind left the network after four years in charge with Scott Lewers taking charge, as revealed by Deadline.

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