Twitter Testing Disappearing Tweets – or Fleets – In Brazil

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Don’t tell President Trump but Twitter is testing a new kind of tweets called Fleets that disappear after 24 hours, offering tweeters more control and less pressure, the company said Wednesday.

“Some people say they feel insecure to Tweet because Tweets are public, permanent and exhibit public engagement counts (likes and Retweets),” wrote Mo Al Adham, a product manager in Brazil on Twitter’s blog. Starting today, he said, Fleets “are a way to have conversations initiated with your fleeting thoughts.”

“We hope that those people who are not usually comfortable with Tweeting use Fleets to talk about the reflections that come to their head,” he said.

Fleets have no retweets, likes or public comments. An initial survey showed that they made tweeters more comfortable sharing their everyday thoughts, the blog post said. Brazil has a particularly high population of Twitter users, which is why the test is launching there. If successful, it will roll out to other countries.

Like Instagram or Facebook stories, fleets will show up in a carousel at the top of the home timeline. They will have a limit of 280 characters like regular tweets and, like tweets, are based on text but can include videos, GIFs or photos.

Snapchat originated the trend of having messages that disappear after they are viewed.

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