Rocky And Bullwinkle Statue Returns To Its Home On The Sunset Strip

Photo by Dan Mryglot for WEHO TIMES, Used by Permission

A beloved statue of animated legends Rocky and Bullwinkle will soon be unveiled on the Sunset Strip after being gone since 2013.

The WEHO TIMES reported the statute’s return today, capturing its image in a brief moment during installation before it was covered. An official unveiling is planned for the end of March, but no date has been set.

The spinning statue depicts Bullwinkle holding his friend Rocky. It stands on the corner where Sunset Boulevard splits into Holloway Drive. The statue was removed in 2013 for restoration work.

Today, a giant crane placed the 14-foot, 700-pound statue on its pedestal. The statue dates to 1961, but the original creator is not known. The statue was restored by Ric Scozzari with funding by Twentieth Century Fox and Dreamworks, and donated by the Jay Ward family for the City of West Hollywood’s Urban Art Collection. It was last seen at the Paley Center’s Jay Ward Legacy Exhibit in 2014.

Jay Ward created the popular cartoon, which originally aired in 1959 as The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. It was on the air on ABC and NBC from that date, and has appeared under various permutations of that title. The series was known for its cultural references and hip jokes, enjoyed by children and parents alike. The moose and squirrel were constantly thwarting the attempts of Russian spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, who worked for the “Fearless Leader.”

The series has been revived several times in film adaptations of the series.

The statue was originally erected in 1961 outside the Sunset Strip offices of Jay Ward Productions, located at 8218 Sunset boulevard.


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