Star Trek: Picard Podcast: Jonathan Frakes Is At The Helm & Jeri Ryan Is Flyin’ As Patrick Stewart Series Hits Season 1 Midpoint

By Dominic Patten, Geoff Boucher

LISTEN UP: We're halfway through the 1st season of the Patrick Stewart-led streaming series & Seven Of Nine is flyin' & the heavyweights are in the house CBS All Access

Editors note: The Star Trek: Picard Podcast is a weekly series of in-depth and informed discussions with the stars and creative team behind CBS All Access’ series on the ideas, strategies and geopoetics behind the 10-episode first season of the Patrick Stewart-led sci-fi drama. The podcast is sponsored by CBS All Access and hosted by Deadline’s Senior Editor Dominic Patten and Genre Editor Geoff Boucher.

We have reached the halfway point of the first season of Star Trek: Picard with today’s debut of the fifth episode “Stardust City Rag.” Correspondingly, today’s podcast is a real lynchpin – and we don’t just say that because Number One himself Jonathan Frakes is joining us, along with executive producer Akiva Goldsman.

Now, there are Freecloud, Seven of Nine, Bruce Maddox and other spoilers galore here, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode of the Sir Patrick Stewart-led series yet, you might want to hold off a beat or two. However, once you have taken a gander at the Frakes directed and Kirsten Beyer penned “Stardust City Rag,” jump on in to our podcast with our extremely informative and entertaining guests.

Listen to the latest edition of the podcast here:

“This is bigger, the stakes are higher, the show is much more ambitious,” states the man who brought us William Riker for the seven seasons of Next Generation of the renewed CBS All Access series that launched on January 23.

“It is a very ambitious undertaking that is succeeding better than dared hoped,” Frakes, who first returned to his return to the world of Picard and Sir Patrick Stewart with his directing of last week’s “Absolute Candor” adds. “I’ve never been prouder of anything I’ve been involved in.”

Very impressive words, but along with the thoughtful Goldsman, Frakes is delightfully loquacious on today’s podcast on exactly why he feels so strongly about Picard.

“It was fabulous, fabulous to be back with him,” the erudite Star Trek: Insurrection director told us of working again with the man who played Jean-Luc Picard for 15 years. “Back on the show, introducing Jeri Ryan to this audience was a privilege,” the beloved actor and veteran states too.

So, So, take a listen to the Star Trek: Picard Podcast this week and see you here next week for Episode 6, where we get inside an impossible box, literally and figuratively.

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